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It's not difficult to apply for a CARES canine assistant, but there is a process, which we follow.

STEP 1: Contact the CARES offices either by phone, fax, e-mail or letter. We will discuss the individual situation and determine what type of dog is needed. An application and cover letter will be sent to the applicant for completion.

STEP 2: Return the completed application, the required medical documentation, along with a $50.00 administration fee to the CARES offices. A file is then opened in the applicant's name and he / she is placed on our active waiting list for a dog. A letter acknowledging the receipt of the completed application is sent to the applicant.

STEP 3: A member of the CARES staff will contact the applicant to set up an interview when the waiting period is complete and the CARES staff has a canine in training for the individual. In certain cases, a video of the applicant will suffice. The interview process is mandatory and integral to the placement of a dog with an individual.

STEP 4: Once the interview process is complete, the CARES canine assistance staff finishes working on the perfect match. Once the training is complete, the applicant is contacted to schedule him / her for a class.

STEP 5: Students are required to attend a one or two week training class in Concordia, Kansas in order to prepare to pass the Public Access Test and skills training to become a certified assistance team handler. Training classes are geared toward providing the student with the necessary skills and information to pass the Public Access Test and become a more independent person.

STEP 6: Once class is over, CARES doesn't forget about its teams. We do our best to do a follow up within six months.

FORMS (pdf)

Adoption Application for CARES Career Change Dogs
Application for Assistance Dog
Application for a Professional Therapy Dog

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